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Cemetery Information

The Alix Cemetery is located north of the Village on the SW Quarter Section 6,Township Road 40, Range 22, West of the 4th Meridian.

The cemetery consists of two sections, with the old cemetery on the west side of the road. All plots are sold through the Village Office. The cemetery is open to the public daily, walking traffic only. All records are kept in the Village Office.

Please Note: All burials require a Burial Permit or Certificate of Cremation.

Plot Prices:

~ $100 for a cremation plot
~ $250 for a full burial plot
~ 50% of cost for veterans

Opening and Closing Costs:

$100 - Open & Close for Cremation Burial (regular work hours - May 1-October 31) 
$200 - Open & Close for Cremation Burial (overtime work hours - May 1 -October 31) 
$200 - Open & Close Ground Prep for any Burial (winter rate, November 1 - April 30) 
$50 - Open & Close Ground Prep for Full Burial (summer rate, May1-October 31)
All full burials must be done through a Funeral  Home. All winter burial digs will need to be booked through the Funeral Home - all costs above apply to the Village.
Memorial Tree and Bench Program  
The Village of Alix has the option for memorial trees and benches for your loved ones. Please refer to the link for the policy guidelines and application forms. Any questions please contact the Village Office. 


Monument Installation Work Permit:

~ $50 for monument companies work permit
For further information, please view the Cemetery Bylaw, attached below.

448 19 Cemetery Bylaw.pdf


Alix Cemetery Plots 
In accordance with the Province of Alberta's Cemeteries Act C-3 Section 18 Recovery of interment space states an Interment Space can be recovered "if the owner has not heard from the purchaser of the interment space, or from that purchaser's personal representatives, for a period of 20 years or more." 
The Village of Alix is asking, that if you or your family member have purchased plots 20 or more years ago (2003 or before) to please contact the Village Office to confirm that you intend to keep the plot for use. Plots can be sold back to the Village or transferred to family members. The Village also has updated paperwork, that we encourage all plot holders to fill out and return to the Village Office. 
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